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Rounding Out

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Wednesday morning I went to the dentist for a routine 6 month check-up.  I am happy to report that I got a clean bill of health and my dental hygienist said everything was looking good.  I am always super happy to hear that.  I think that my New Year’s resolution of brushing my teeth nightly before bed is working out the way that I had hoped!

After the dentist, I made a quick stop at JC Penney.  My JCP has a Sephora inside and I wanted to look for a pencil brush and anything that I couldn’t live without.  I didn’t find anything in Sephora, but I did find a navy and white striped shirt that I have been hunting for for a very long time.  I think every woman needs a navy striped and a gingham shirt!

Because I had to get up early and go to the dentist I came home and took a nap in the afternoon.  Since we are just returning from Spring Break my prep work is light this week.  Next week they have a big assignment due so I will be buried under tons of papers to grade.

March 18, 2015 W (m)

My outfit was based on this pin here.  I love the combination of the plaid button-up shirt and pencil skirt!  In the original photo, she is wearing a blue plaid shirt and a red pencil skirt accented with a navy infinity scarf and a tan and gold belt.  I have a blue plaid button-up, but I don’t have a red pencil skirt so I flipped the color scheme to work with items I own: a red plaid shirt and a navy pencil skirt.  I tried to keep the feel of the outfit the same and ground it with a khaki and gold belt and nude pumps.  I really liked the sexy/feminine lumberjack vibe of this outfit.

On Thursday, I wore a dress that was a contender for St. Patrick’s Day.  I didn’t wear it on Tuesday because I was at a loss for ways to style it differently and I think that it’s too short.  It’s not too short when I am standing still, but when I move around or raise my arms to write on the board it creeps up to an uncomfortable length.  I am always nervous and worried that I am showing more than I want to be.  I think that it’s time to take it out of the rotation, OR I have to layer it over a slip that would peek out at the bottom and add some length.

March 19, 2015 Tr (m)

I have worn this dress a number of ways in the past: with a navy blazer and brown tights, with a green cardigan and brown tights, with a navy cardigan and navy tights, with a khaki blazer and brown boots, and a cream cardigan.  But, I’ve almost always worn it with a dark tight.  So, t his time I wanted to try to lighten it up a bit for Spring and I went with nude legs and pumps.  Although, truth be told that I switched to brown flats after I took the photo’s to help with the length issue.

That’s how I rounded out the week with outfits.  Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  So far, my husband and I have cleaned the house, I work tonight at the bar, and tomorrow we are hosting my in-laws over to look at photo’s and hang out.


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  1. Jonathan

    You shouldn’t take it out of rotation, it looks great on you! Besides your legs are amazing, what brand of pantyhose are you wearing? They really make your legs stand out! Very nice!

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