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Tuesday was a struggle.  My students are working in groups to create a speech.  They are starting to get down to the wire and some of the groups are having some growing pains.  Unfortunately, it is completely natural and almost unavoidable.

Most groups go through 5 phases: forming, storming, norming, performing, terminating/reforming.  The first phase takes place when the members of the group are coming together.  After the group has been formed, it is normal for them to go through a stormy bit.  During this time the group members are focusing on the goal and may become complex as power and relationship issues emerge.  Hopefully, they make it through that phase and into performing.  This is the stage of the game where the real work gets done!  Lastly, they enter into the final phase when the group either re-forms with a different task or breaks up and goes their separate ways.

Obviously, my groups are in the storming stage!  I have 3 sections of Effective Speaking and they are all doing group speeches.  I have 6 groups between the 3 sections and I have had complaints from members of three of the groups.  I’ve had multiple members of some groups come to me and complain.  It’s a battle of “he said, she said.”  I imagine this is what it’s like for parents when their kids are fighting.  If so, I should be thoroughly prepared by the time that I get to that point in my life.  My students must have thought that I was wearing referee stripes instead of gingham!

Of course it goes without saying that my outfit was based on a pin that I added to my outfit inspiration board.  I get super excited when I see a professional and pulled together look using pieces that I own!

April 14, 2015 T (m)

I am pairing a blue gingham button-up with navy blue trouser pants.  All that blue is very matchy-matchy.  To add some interest and intrigue to the outfit I have added a bronze skinny belt and some leopard print pumps.  I’ve accented the look with some simple dangle gold earrings.  This look was comfortable and professional, albeit a touch on the casual side.



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