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Suiting Up

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Thursday my students were finally delivering their group speeches.  And you know what?  They were great!  I was actually blown away and impressed by their performances.  I was nervous on their behalf going into it because I knew how much they had struggled.  But!  For just about each one of my students it was their best speech yet.  Overall, they appeared much more confident and had very few verbal fillers!

During my break I felt like a nomad.  The two computers in the faculty office were both in use, so I went to one of the unused classrooms.  But, it wasn’t long before there was a class starting in that room and I had to re-locate.  I went back to the faculty office but the computers were still in use, albeit one of them was b a different person.  Eventually, I decided to drive over to the other satellite campus.  There, I was able to use the computer but the faculty office was absolutely freezing.

Thursday’s are normally date night with my husband, but he had a dentist appointment that afternoon and knew that he wouldn’t be feeling quite himself.  Instead of going out for dinner, I opted to bake a turkey breast and make corn.  A bit later I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and we watched Scandal.

My outfit was more on the professional side than some of my recent outfits.  I was lecturing about what is and is not professional attire and I find it easier for me to dress in true professional clothes.  That means conservative blouses, knee-length skirts, closed toe shoes, etc.  My husband actually picked this outfit out from the pins on my board.

March 17, 2015 (3)

Short of wearing a suit, this outfit is the epitome of “professional” attire in my opinion.  It is a lot of black, though.  The skirt is pinstriped, but from a distance you can barely tell.  To offset some of the black, I rolled the sleeves up on the blouse.  Also, I went with nude hose instead of black.  Showing a bit of skin helped, and I also went with a shoe that is more than a basic pump.  This shoe combines a black patent with a dark charcoal grey.   It’s important when you are working with one color to have different textures and finishes.  Besides pulling in the patent black with the shoes I am echoing that with a skinny black patent belt at my waist.  The jewelry for this outfit is very simple and understated– just a pair of medium grey and faux diamond flower studs.

I like my version of the inspiration photo and it’s another way to use the pieces from my suit that I have sort of retired.  It is not truly as professional as it needs to be.  I am currently on the hunt for an uber-professional suit.  I am thinking charcoal grey.  What do you think?


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