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Super Casual

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I went with a super casual outfit on Wednesday for a day of appointments.  I had a check-up with my OB in the morning and a dentist appointment in the late afternoon.  My OB appointment was quick and easy– they checked my weight, blood pressure, urine, listened to the baby’s heart beat, measured my belly, gave me the results from the Group B test and bid me adieu until next week.  My dentist appointment was also quick and easy– just a 6 month check-up and cleaning.  My teeth and gums are in great condition which is good because pregnancy can wreak havoc on your mouth– just another one of those pregnancy “perks.”

I’m about 37 and a half weeks so I am just working on being as comfortable as possible as I wait for my daughter to make her debut.  And, now that I am on maternity leave from work that means stretchy and comfy yoga pants and whatever shirt has a reasonable amount of length to cover the baby belly.  Hair and makeup?  At this point, it’s usually one or the other.  On this particular day it was the hair that won out.

I’ll try to keep making regular posts but I am not making any promises, lol.  And, I also can’t promise that the posts that I do manage to get up with feature outfits that are all that interesting and I hope you understand.


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