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2 Years Late

Monday morning I wore this outfit.  After I got dressed my husband remarked, “that’s a different outfit for you.”

I asked, “what do you mean?”

“You’re finally getting on the leggings trend. . .  2 years late.”

And, he’s not exactly wrong.  The whole leggings trend is not something that I’m really in to.  I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants.  But, when you are pregnant and your body starts expanding and you feel uncomfortable in most things except your pajama pants you make exceptions.  I paired this leopard print tank top with black leggings.  I’ve layered it over a black camisole for some modesty and to help support the bump since these leggings are non-maternity.  To keep things from being risqué I added a brown grandpa style cardigan to cover my butt–literally and then threw on my black Grecian sandals to keep the outfit in Summer territory instead of Fall.




Tuesday we had a brief break from the heat and humidity.  It was still in the mid-70’s but because the humidity had dissipated it felt a lot cooler than it actually was.  Because it felt cooler I wore this long-sleeved chambray shirt dress.  I’ve worn it once before to teach in and it had a tendency to ride up and felt a bit short.  It’s not, but it felt like it.  This time around since I am pregnant I am wearing it more as a tunic shirt than as a dress by layering basic black leggings underneath.  An inspiration photo on Pinterest featured a similar outfit with brown shoes and a wide brown belt.  I wasn’t feeling mixing black and brown and I wasn’t in the mood to wear a belt with the baby bump so I just went with the fabric belt that comes with the dress.  I also chose to wear my leopard print ballet flats.  I accessorized with an oversized gold watch and large gold feather earrings.

I liked this outfit quite a but even though it’s pretty far out of my comfort zone.  I even think that when looking at me head on it is hard to tell that I am pregnant.  But, when I turn to the side you can definitely see the belly.  I have found that in non-maternity clothes it’s still hard to tell whether I’ve gained weight or I am pregnant.  In most maternity shirts because of the way they are cut and the silhouette it is more apparent that I am pregnant.

Do you like this outfit?  I’m sure that I’m going to be extending the life of many of my dresses by layering them over leggings and tights as we get into the cooler months and I start back to teaching in August.


If you’ve ever been pregnant then you’ve heard of “the hair tie trick.”  If not, allow me to explain.  In the first few month of pregnancy your clothes will fit most of your body, but not all.  Namely, your midsection.  (Now, I can’t speak for the latter months since I haven’t experienced them yet, but I’ll keep you posted.)  The hair-tie trick is a hack that allows you to get a few more months of wear out of your current pants.  You take one hair tie and loop it around the zipper pull.  A second hair tie loops through the button-hole opening.  You thread the hair tie through itself to create a “knot.”  Then, you can zip up your pants as far as they will go and hook the hair tie around the button.  Repeat this with the other hair tie–loop it around the button to keep your pants fastened with a gap to accommodate the bump.

This isn’t a bad trick– but you do need to have a long top to disguise your partially open pants.  And, be careful when looping the two hair ties around the button that you don’t get them tangled.  This happened to me and I had a momentary panic when trying to use the restroom.

This is an outfit that I’ve worn before but never while pregnant.  I’m wearing my lighter wash skinny jeans using the hair tie trick and a sleeveless kelly green shell.  This blouse is just at the point of not being able to fit my growing chest– that’s another fit issue that I’ve had with a lot of my existing clothing.  Over top I added a navy blue boyfriend cardigan, leopard print ballet flats, and simple silver jewelry.  Later in the day, I did unbutton the last button on the blouse to give me a little more room around the midsection.  Luckily I sit at a desk so I don’t have to worry too much about someone seeing my hair tie and with the cardigan I could just quickly button the bottom few buttons when I got up to run to the bathroom or go on a walk and know that I was covered.

Are there any styling tricks or hacks that you’ve used while pregnant?  Please let me know in the comments below.