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Hangin’ Out

I didn’t go anywhere Thursday.  Alice and I just hung out at the house like we do on most days.  I had high hopes of going to Target but it just didn’t happen.  I also had high hopes of implementing a schedule for my one-month old and that didn’t happen, either.

Now hear me out.  It’s not some super-rigid and crazy schedule.  It’s pretty flexible and fluid, actually.  Basically, it’s focusing on Eat, Wake, Sleep in approximately 3 hour blocks of time.  If you start at 8am (which we try to do) that means that she eats and then has a wake period.  It takes her about 20 minutes or so to finish a 3 oz. bottle.  Then, during her wake period we play.  That might mean I read her a story, we do tummy time, play on our music mat, or some other type of activity.  Our wake period lasts 45 minutes, tops.  Then we nap.  Our nap should last anywhere from 1-1.5 hours.  And then we rinse and repeat.  Our problem is the napping part.  During the late morning she does not like to take a nap.  Oftentimes she will go all morning long and then have her first nap about 2 pm.  Then, she naps for several hours in a row all evening long.  Sometimes this means that during the night she has short stretches of about an hour.  And, because she becomes overtired she is fussy and no-fun most of the morning.

Now that she is one month old I’ve been working on establishing more of a routine.  I used to just let her fall asleep but lately I have been focusing on putting her to sleep.  Right now we are trying out the 4 S method for naps: set the stage, swaddle, sit, and shush-pat.  When it’s time to nap I take her up to her room.  The curtains are usually always closed and I leave the light off.  Then, I swaddle her.  Usually, she doesn’t like for her arms to be swaddled but I’ve been doing it anyway for her nap time.  Then, I sit with her in the rocking chair and I go shush-shush-shush in her ear while patting her back in a burping position.  Because this whole process is new I’ve been sitting with her for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.  The goal is not to have her fall asleep in my arms but to become relaxed and prepared for sleep.  Then, I put her in her crib and she is supposed to finish falling asleep on her own.

This doesn’t really work too well, yet.  We are still learning the technique.  She might fall asleep for 10 or 20 minutes but then she wakes up and cries.  At that point, we repeat the 4 S method and try again.  I generally try about 3 times or so.  That will use up all of the time devoted to napping.  Then, we eat, play, and try again.  Practice makes perfect!

My outfit pairs my lighter wash boot cut jeans with a plaid button-up shirt.  I’ve topped that with a blue v-neck sweater that I received for Christmas.  I’ve accessorized with  silver and turquoise earrings and my everyday silver watch.  My hair and makeup are also done (!!) and I’ve gone with a reddish-brown eye look and a pink matte lip.  What do you hang out in when you are at home or planning on a Target run?


We are two weeks in to this newborn thing and there have definitely been some items that have become absolutely indispensable to our daily lives.  Now, there are plenty of items that we haven’t gotten to use yet because Alice isn’t ready for them (Bumbo seat, crib, high chair, etc.) but these are items that I love.  In no particular order, here are 5 items that are essentials in our household.


The Bobby Pillow.  This pillow has been great for elevating baby to a more comfortable height for breast-feeding and as a surface for her to lay on while on Dad’s lap, too.  We aren’t making use of it in other ways but soon I know that it will be quite useful for more advanced tummy-time and propping up baby once she gains control of her head.  We have two covers and change them out to wash them about once a week– or sooner if need be!


The Boon Drying Rack.  This is an item that made nearly every list of “what to register for” that I think I looked at and I can see why.  First off, you do need a place for all the bottles, paci’s, and pumping supplies to hang out once they’ve been washed and sanitized.  This drying rack is large enough to do the job but also compact and cute enough to sit on the counter top.  I’m glad that I put this on my registry and it was gifted to us because otherwise I would not have known the wonder of such a simple item.


Trend Lab Diaper Caddy.  This exact caddy isn’t necessary, but a diaper caddy of some sort is a necessity for us because we live in a 2 story house.  I’ve stocked this one for use while downstairs.  It’s large enough to hold two sleeves of diapers and diaper wipes.  The pockets all around the sides are perfect for diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a comb and brush set, a book, and some finger puppet friends.  Plus, its neutral enough in this grey pattern to fit in to any decor.  Ours happens to sit on the fireplace mantle right at your fingertips for diaper changes.


This Graco Pack n’ Play might be the most loved and often used item I’ve included on this list.  The main purpose of this item is to take with us when we travel to our in-laws.  They live an hour away and when we visit we frequently try to make it worthwhile by staying all day.  Well, with a baby in tow that changes things a bit.  I figured that this play pen would be a great item to set-up and provide a “docking” station for our child.  I especially love that it is so versatile!  This particular model can be used as a traditional play pen or “baby jail” as I like to refer to it and it has a shelf that can turn it in to a bassinet.  But, that’s not all!  There are two items on top that provide even more ways to use this item– on the left is a portable napper and on the right is a changing table.  The napper is great– in fact as my husband and I took shifts with Alice overnight for the first week downstairs this is where she slept. We don’t take the napper off of the play pen and move it around but we could if we needed to.

And the changing table is where most of her diapers get changed since we spend the majority of our awake time downstairs in the living room.  It’s vinyl and easily wipes down with a soapy dish rag when need be.  This was in front of our fireplace until we took down the Christmas tree and then we moved it in to the corner of the living room next to the fireplace–hence the diaper caddy in close proximity on top of the fireplace mantle.  This is one of the more expensive items from our registry but I couldn’t see living without it– and it has plenty of more use and worth to offer as she grows.


The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year.  This book was recommended by a Youtuber that my husband stumbled across and then I saw it on several lists that I came across when creating our registry.  My husband isn’t much for reading but he has given this book his seal of approval.  It’s got great tips and advice geared towards Dad’s– but the tidbits that my husband shares with me are very often things that I didn’t know– for instance I was not aware that it is common for babies to lose weight after they are born.  Luckily my husband shared this fact with me and so I didn’t freak out when she lost weight.  There are lots of practical information that is shared and my husband likes how the book is set-up– it gives information about baby at a certain week, but also what might be going on with Mom and Dad.

There you have it– 5 items that have cemented themselves as necessities in our lives in the 14 days that we have had a real live baby in our home.  I hope that this list helps you if you’re a first time Mom (or Dad).  What are some items that you found you couldn’t live without?