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Growing Pains

Last Tuesday the heat and humidity disappeared for a few days and we had temps. in the 70’s.  It felt quite cool compared to normal Summer weather.  It’s funny how going from 90 to 70 feels super cold but when it jumps from 50 to 70 it feels so warm and people practically break out their bathing suits!

I started this day out feeling pretty good and things went downhill from there.  I got up, got ready, and went to work.  And then, while sitting at my desk preparing to start the day I felt sharp pains in my belly.  That in and of itself isn’t a big deal but when your pregnant it takes on a whole new meaning.  Eventually, I left work and came home to research these pains and put in a call to my Dr.  Luckily, because I wasn’t having any other symptoms or issues she explained that it was most likely growing pains.  Literally.  My body growing and stretching to accommodate Baby.  Technically they are called round ligament pain and are nothing to be too concerned about.  That was great news– but it was still scary!

My outfit is composed of my dark wash skinny maternity jeans, a long-sleeved navy t-shirt, and a maternity navy and blush colored flowered kimono from Stitch Fix.  I went with brown ballet flats to keep the outfit more neutral/natural and focus on the soft, earthy colors.  I feel like I must have just eaten breakfast before I took this photo because the baby bump is poppin’!  I am 17 weeks pregnant, here.

Now that I am firmly in the 2nd trimester I am starting to experience more minor discomforts.  It’s nothing major but pregnancy does sort of wreak havoc on your body.  In addition to the round ligament pain, I have started experiencing heartburn after eating (nothing so serious that I have taken any medication), and lower back aches.  Also, I feel like sometimes my ankles are puffy/swollen and on most days I definitely feel bloated and my boobs and belly often feel uncomfortable in my clothes (yes, even my maternity clothes).  It’s nice when people tell me that I look good or that I have the pregnancy glow even though I don’t feel like it most of the time and I’d rather be wearing my pajamas and eating ice cream on the couch while reading or preparing the nursery.


New Uniform

I wore this outfit on Friday which is super similar in formula to the outfit that I posted about on Wednesday.  A pair of jeans+ a sleeveless blouse + cardigan + ballet flats= dressed and out the door!  It’s been in the mid to high 70’s where I live but in the early morning when I leave for work it’s only around the mid-50’s.  With this type of outfit I don’t need to wear a jacket and I’m comfortable all day long.

The last time that I wore this leopard print tank top I paired it with a black leather jacket and silver accessories.  This time I wanted to accentuate the brown and gold tones so I went with my brown grandpa cardigan, an oversized gold watch, and dark brown ballet flats.

I have realized that I need to amp up my warm weather shoe game, though.  I know most people who know me IRL are probably rolling their eyes and thinking, what?!  But, it’s true.  I have several pairs of ballet flats (black, brown, leopard print, red, purple, and gold) but that’s pretty much it.  I do have my black espadrille sandals that are good but I don’t always want a wedge heel.  I have a pair of black Grecian style sandals but they have seen better days!  I also have a pair of sandals with different metallic colored straps but they aren’t super comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  So, I’ll be on the look out for some new Summer shoes for work.  Any suggestions?


I have a lot of animal print items in my wardrobe.  Most of it is leopard print but some of it is cheetah print and some of it I don’t actually know what animal it is!  LOL.  But, I try to sprinkle it in to my outfits sparingly and usually in small doses of accent with ballet flats or a scarf.  And, then other times I make it the star of the show— like I did on Friday when I wore my leopard print button-up.

Much of the time I dress up my leopard print outfits and usually pair them with black.  This time, I wanted to make it slightly more casual.  I chose to keep the tie neck on the blouse (it’s removable) and pair it with medium wash skinny jeans.  I pulled in a wide dark brown belt and brown ballet flats.  Lastly, I wore my oversized gold watch and some gold dangle earrings.  I liked how the outfit looked and felt.  And, to be honest I basically wore this same outfit on Sunday when my husband and I ran errands.  The only differences were that I didn’t tuck in the blouse and I wore my black ballet flats and silver jewelry.

Here are some other ways that I have styled this blouse before– mostly in dressier outfits.

As you can see, I’ve done it twice with black pants (rows 1 & 2, L), colored cropped pants (rows 1 & 2, C) underneath an orange sweater (rows 1 & 2, R), and once with a navy skirt.  Do you have a favorite?