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Lately I haven’t been pre-planning my outfits.  I really should get back in to the habit because I think that I come up with outfits that look and feel good as opposed to feeling overwhelmed at the possibilities and spending a lot of time in the morning searching through my drawers and closet only to find out that my idea doesn’t work outside of my head.

That’s sort of what happened to me on Friday.  I had decided that I wanted to wear my kimono scarf shirt thing.  Even though I wore it with a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a pendant necklace last time I still wanted to wear it with a white t-shirt this time.  But, I couldn’t find my short-sleeved white t-shirt.  It is possible that it could be in the laundry basket but I’m not sure.  So, I had to come up with a new plan.

Although I wasn’t too fond of the outfit and felt sort of off the whole day, I had to put clothes on my body to go to work.  I ended up going with an orange-y t-shirt, dark wash cropped jeans, and gold ballet flats.  This time around I tied the front two ends of the shawl to make it more of a “shirt” and less of a topper/completer piece.

I was excited to do something more colorful with my eye makeup that morning.  It doesn’t really show very well in the photo but I did go with a mauve/burgundy/plummy eye look.  But, I didn’t really do anything to my hair.  That’s been the trend lately– I just haven’t wanted to get out the heat styling tools in the morning because it’s been hot and it’s time-consuming.  In this photo my hair is still a little damp.  Later than morning I ended up pulling it up into a quick and messy bun.  I should really think about getting a more Summer-friendly hair do.  Suggestions?


Thursday I copied this outfit from Pinterest.  It’s another one of those outfits that consists of a lot of basic pieces that many women have in their closets— black skinny jeans, brown ballet flats, a grey t-shirt, brown belt, stud earrings, and a patterned scarf.  I love the casual nature of the outfit and the comfiness of the pieces but that it still looks pulled together.

As you can see, I duplicated it almost exactly.  My one departure was with the neck ware.  I have lots of scarves but not one that closely resembled the color or pattern of the inspiration photo.  I chose to skip the scarf and instead went with a long necklace with a locket watch in a bronze-gold color.  I thought that helped to tie in the cognac brown belt and brown ballet flats.  I went with silver cluster earrings that I thought paired well with the grey t-shirt and opted to go with my silver watch because it went nicely with the silver in the earrings, the grey of the t-shirt, and the silver belt buckle.  This outfit is a mash-up of different metals and neutrals but I still think that it looks cohesive.  What do you think?


Last Friday I copied the pin, above left.  It’s a simple outfit of basic pieces that most women have in their closets–or at least suitable duplicates.  It all started with a crisp, white button-down.  Then, add in dark wash skinny jeans, leopard print ballet flats, a wide cognac belt, leopard print scarf for accent, and pile on the gold bracelets.  If you don’t have super-dark wash jeans you could always substitute a pair of black trousers.  Similarly, if you don’t fancy gold jewelry you could go with silver toned jewelry or pearls would be great.  And, if leopard print isn’t your thing, trade out the animal print scarf and shoes for basic black ballet flats, a flowered or printed scarf and voila!  Or, do a pop of color with your shoes and a solid color scarf.  The thing that I love about Pinterest and other fashion blogs is that it’s not so much about copying the outfit exactly but using it to inspire you to put together your own pieces in a similar way to create an outfit.

On Saturday I went in a more casual direction.  It was one of the coldest days of the week so I had to take that in consideration when I was getting dressed.  My outfit, again, was based on a pin.

The particular pin that I based this outfit on features high top white Converse, a pair of light wash skinny jeans, a blue slouchy boyfriend t-shirt, and a gold pendant necklace and bracelet.  I paired a light blue v-neck long-sleeved t-shirt with lighter wash bootcut jeans.  I added my white leather converse and a long silver necklace with a peacock.  I have skinny jeans that would have been a better “match” to the inspiration but I wasn’t feeling the skinny jeans that day.  Also, I have long gold necklaces that would have been a closer match but I haven’t made a lot of use of some of my silver jewelry so I wore that, instead.  I did layer a brown boyfriend cardigan on, too.

There you have it.  Two looks inspired by Pinterest and created from items in my own closet.  Thanks for reading!