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Thursday I was able to meet my Wednesday volunteer group out for lunch.  Since classes started in August I haven’t been able to volunteer.  I’ve popped in a few times to say “Hi” to everyone and keep in touch, but that’s about it.  We met at a local restaurant and it was a girls’ only luncheon.  I wore my black maternity trousers with a green turtleneck sweater.  I accessorized with an oversized gold watch and bronze feather earrings.  This outfit isn’t really anything special but it’s maybe the most dressed-up and put together that I think I’ve been in a while– that in and of itself seemed like a huge accomplishment.

I’ve worn this outfit before in a non-maternity version back in December 2015.  At that time I went with a gold knot necklace and grey dress shoes.



Yes, I am wearing these leggings, again.  But, in my defense this is the first time that I have worn them to class.  If you’ve been a long time follower of this blog then you already know that on one of the last days of class with my students I frequently dress down.  This time around, that meant wearing leggings.  This grey shirt is not maternity but it is a 1x plus size.  This is the original way that I wore this outfit but with black boots.  The second time that I wore it I took pictures and shared them with you.  I tried not to look too sloppy by making sure that I did style my hair and do my makeup.


This week marks the last week of classes for Fall 2017.  It’s always a bittersweet time– I’m happy to be done, but also sad that it’s over, too.  Monday I didn’t grab any photo’s but my outfit merely consisted of my cream-colored maternity shirt with lace overlay and maternity khaki’s.  Not a very exciting outfit to say the least.  My outfit on Wednesday was slightly more exciting, but not by much.

I started with a purple maxi dress.  I had the idea to wear the polka dot khaki scarf and then my brown flat riding boots.  I had originally thought about an oatmeal colored cardigan but the one that I thought of didn’t look right.  It was too long and looked sloppy.  Instead, I opted to go more monochromatic and go with a purple cardigan.  The cardigan is a slightly darker shade of purple but I went with it anyway.  Instead of my brown riding boots I went with my tan suede-like booties.  They are a closer match to the color of the infinity scarf, too.  Lastly I added my oversized gold watch and gold dangle earrings and called it complete.

I don’t know what it was but that day I was feeling extra-large and pregnant.  I am currently at 35 weeks so I’ve got 5 more weeks until my actual due date.  But, I’ve talked with my daughter and told her that anytime after 37 weeks I’d be overjoyed to hold her in my arms.  (We’ll see what happens.)