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Real Pants

Monday, January 1st, was my husbands birthday.  We didn’t have any big mind-boggling plans given the fact that we are fast approaching my due date (Jan. 8) and basically on Baby Watch.  Also, his birthday does tend to get overlooked since it is also a “holiday.”  I do everything that I can to make sure that we celebrate him and his birthday but that’s the bad part about having a birthday on or near a holiday.

We rang in the New Year with champagne (for him) and sparkling white grape juice (for me) while toggling back and forth between the Ryan Seacrest and Steve Harvey celebrations on t.v.  After we rang in the new year I gave him his birthday presents.  He had asked for some new workout gear so I got him a new pair of running shorts, t-shirt, and some athletic pants in size tall that aren’t floods.  Also, I bought him a Bob Ross chia pet and some other little things.

We went to bed around 2am and then had a lazy day.  We did need to go grocery shopping and he has been talking about wanting wings so I suggested that we go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday and then go grocery shopping after.  He agreed and I got showered and dressed.  I was quite proud of myself for putting on real pants to go out to dinner.  I paired my khaki maternity pants with a navy and white striped maternity t-shirt and added a brown grandpa style cardigan for warmth.  Lastly, I slid my feet into my knock-off Sperry’s and called it good to go.

After dinner we went to the grocery store but they had closed early for the holiday which we were not aware of.  It wasn’t too heartbreaking though since neither one of us really wanted to go grocery shopping.  LOL.  So, we came back home and just hung out the rest of the night.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and ready to get this show on the road.  I am just trying to take one day at a time and not be too whiny or complain-y.  I’m not sure I’m doing too good of a job but I am trying.


Sunday my husband and I went furniture shopping. . .  again.  We both thought that we were going furniture buying but it didn’t turn out that way.  We had a pretty good sense of exactly what we want for the living room and bedroom furniture.  We’ve gone and browsed the 3 or 4 local furniture stores by us and looked online at options.  Armed with the knowledge of what we wanted we set out to buy it.

The first furniture store had several bedroom sets that both my husband and I could agree upon but it was the living room that was giving us trouble.  I wanted a sectional that is L shaped with the long side of the L being 3 or 4 cushions in length– or approximately 9-10 foot.  Then, the short side of the L I wanted a chaise type section that would be right facing.  This configuration would suit our space very well– it is longer than it is wide.  And, we wanted this in a medium to dark color with an upholstery type of fabric.  But, that is exactly what we could not find.  However, the salesman did discuss the option of special order but that would take upwards of 2 months and we were hoping to have our furniture purchased and delivered by the middle of October.

Furniture store number 2 didn’t treat us much better.  Again, we found one or two bedroom sets that we liked but none that we liked or for a comparable price as furniture store number one.  And, it was the same story with the couch– we were not able to find the configuration that we wanted in the color.  Everything that they had was light to medium value.  I will say that the salesman did a great job of selling the protection plan, but it’s not just for the cat and the kid what we wanted the darker color it is also for the aesthetics.

But, it was a blessing in disguise that we couldn’t find what we wanted because when we got home and started measuring for a special order we discovered that what we wanted wasn’t going to be as great as we had thought.  The size of the part that we wanted for the long part of the “L” was spot on– the room is plenty long enough.  What we failed to consider is how far out into the living room the chaise part would come and after measuring it out we came to the realization that it would close off the living room way too much and make entering the living room difficult since you would have to walk all the way around the chaise.  So, in a sense we were saved from not buying something that wouldn’t have satisfied us.  Now, we are looking at a more traditional set-up with a couch, love seat, and chair.  Luckily, this should be easier to find in a fabric/style that we want without the need to special order.

For our day out of furniture shopping I went with my blue and white striped maternity top and navy blue khaki shorts.  It is supposedly Fall, but it seems like Summer wants a few more days to herself– we’ve had temps. in the upper 80’s/low 90’s the last 4 days.  I went casual with my footwear since I knew that we would be meandering around a big warehouse and trying out couches and what not.  It’s not some sort of earth-shattering outfit but I do try to make sure that I get dressed and do my hair and makeup for my husband, too, and not just work.


This weekend was jam-packed full of stuff!  And, it was a really nice weekend.  On Saturday my husband and I woke up really early–courtesy of our cat.  It was about 6 am when she started being obnoxious and try as I might, I could not fall back asleep.  So, I gave in and just got up.

We knew that we needed to clean the apartment and after a cup of coffee and some cereal, that’s what I started doing.  I took off the bed sheets and put them in the wash with the towels from the bathroom.  Then, I put fresh sheets on the bed.  Once that was done, I dusted the furniture in the living room, dining room, and bedroom.  My husband helped out by vacuuming.  And he went to town on vacuuming!  He did the carpet in the living and dining room, between the couch cushions, and thoroughly de-haired the cat tree.  Then, he vacuumed the bathroom rugs and the bedroom.  While he was doing that, I started on the bathroom vanity and toilet.  I did everything but the tub.  I hate cleaning the bathtub so much that I make my husband do it.  I switched the laundry from the wash to the dryer and finished straightening up the bedroom and the kitchen.  Once the laundry was dry, we folded it and put it away.  When we both work together cleaning the apartment it doesn’t take that long.  We were finished by 10 am and sitting down on the couch to enjoy our clean apartment and watch the Olympics.

Because we had gotten up so early, the day seemed to last forever—in both a good way and a bad way.  After cleaning, I was hungry so even though it was only 10 am I got a bowl of ice cream.  It felt like we ate a ton of food throughout the day because we got up so early.  The rest of the day was really lazy and relaxing.  We watched a lot of Olympic coverage, futzed around on the internet, made dinner together, and watched YouTube videos for the remainder of the day.

Sunday was almost a complete opposite type of day.  First, we slept in until about 9:30 am and then got up and had coffee and breakfast.  First order of business?  A 5k run.  We haven’t been working out regularly and I hate that you lose all of your gains.  I was doing 5k’s around 37 minutes consistently, but my run yesterday was more walk than run.  I did my 5k in 45 minutes.  I just couldn’t get it going!  A 45 minute 5k is better than no workout at all, though.  Once we had checked that off the list, we went to the pool.

The pool is somewhat of a neglected perk.  It’s easy to forget that we have one at our apartment complex.  But, we spent about an hour of our afternoon at the pool—maybe 30 minutes laying out in the sun and about 30 minutes splashing around and swimming.  We planned to go see Jason Bourne so after the pool we had to hurry back, get cleaned up, and eat lunch before the movie.  I didn’t have as long as I would have liked to get ready, but I did make sure to dress nice and do my hair and makeup for our date.  Here is what I wore:

August 7, 2016 Su (m)

I always get cold in the movie theater so it was a no-brainer for me to go with jeans over shorts.  I started with my dark wash bootcut jeans.  I have to wear these pants with a taller shoe or they drag on the ground.  That really wasn’t an issue because I knew that I wanted to wear these espadrille wedges.  This outfit is a version of this pin.  I like the original better, but oh well!  I went with a sleeveless white shell with a lace v-neck.  It was 80 degrees and sunny out when we left.  I carried the grey boyfriend cardigan with my until we got into the air-conditioned theater.  I accessorized with this turquoise bubble necklace, gold ball earrings, and my dainty gold watch.  My husband really liked the outfit and I was happy that he recognized the effort that I put in to looking nice for him.

My hair is still quite damp in these photo’s and if I had a little more time to get ready I would have strengthened the waves in my hair with a curling iron.  I kept my makeup relatively simple and summery.  My eye look consists of one eye shadow, liner, and mascara.  I wanted to play up the little bit of color that I have so I went with a glossy coral lip and cheeks.

The movie was good– I liked it all except the very end.  I think it may go without saying, but they left it open for another movie!  I can’t really hate on them for that, though.  We’ve seen all of the Bourne movies (multiple times) except the one without Matt Damon, The Bourne Legacy.  I have no interest in seeing that one because it focuses on Aaron Cross and not Jason Bourne.

After the movie, we came home and had leftovers for dinner.  Then, we watched more Olympic coverage.

How was your weekend?