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Wednesday I had my 6 week post-partum check-up.  Yes, it was technically only 5 1/2 weeks, but who’s counting?  I haven’t had any complications or issues so I was pretty certain that I would get the green light to resume normal activity.  And, that also means that it’s time to begin the diet and fitness routine.  It’s actually kind of nice that my check-up was at 5 weeks because I have one more week to prepare and to enjoy the Valentine’s Day salted caramels that I got from my husband.

However, today (Thursday) it was in the mid 50’s and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put Alice in the stroller and get outside for some fresh air.  I dressed quite casual for today: black Old Navy yoga pants, a purple crew neck workout shirt, and a zip-up hoodie from Old Navy.  And, even though my outfit is practically pajamas I did style my hair and do my makeup.  But if you look closely my makeup is more subdued than usual– I skipped the liquid liner  went with mascara and a simple base of foundation.


Hangin’ Out

I didn’t go anywhere Thursday.  Alice and I just hung out at the house like we do on most days.  I had high hopes of going to Target but it just didn’t happen.  I also had high hopes of implementing a schedule for my one-month old and that didn’t happen, either.

Now hear me out.  It’s not some super-rigid and crazy schedule.  It’s pretty flexible and fluid, actually.  Basically, it’s focusing on Eat, Wake, Sleep in approximately 3 hour blocks of time.  If you start at 8am (which we try to do) that means that she eats and then has a wake period.  It takes her about 20 minutes or so to finish a 3 oz. bottle.  Then, during her wake period we play.  That might mean I read her a story, we do tummy time, play on our music mat, or some other type of activity.  Our wake period lasts 45 minutes, tops.  Then we nap.  Our nap should last anywhere from 1-1.5 hours.  And then we rinse and repeat.  Our problem is the napping part.  During the late morning she does not like to take a nap.  Oftentimes she will go all morning long and then have her first nap about 2 pm.  Then, she naps for several hours in a row all evening long.  Sometimes this means that during the night she has short stretches of about an hour.  And, because she becomes overtired she is fussy and no-fun most of the morning.

Now that she is one month old I’ve been working on establishing more of a routine.  I used to just let her fall asleep but lately I have been focusing on putting her to sleep.  Right now we are trying out the 4 S method for naps: set the stage, swaddle, sit, and shush-pat.  When it’s time to nap I take her up to her room.  The curtains are usually always closed and I leave the light off.  Then, I swaddle her.  Usually, she doesn’t like for her arms to be swaddled but I’ve been doing it anyway for her nap time.  Then, I sit with her in the rocking chair and I go shush-shush-shush in her ear while patting her back in a burping position.  Because this whole process is new I’ve been sitting with her for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.  The goal is not to have her fall asleep in my arms but to become relaxed and prepared for sleep.  Then, I put her in her crib and she is supposed to finish falling asleep on her own.

This doesn’t really work too well, yet.  We are still learning the technique.  She might fall asleep for 10 or 20 minutes but then she wakes up and cries.  At that point, we repeat the 4 S method and try again.  I generally try about 3 times or so.  That will use up all of the time devoted to napping.  Then, we eat, play, and try again.  Practice makes perfect!

My outfit pairs my lighter wash boot cut jeans with a plaid button-up shirt.  I’ve topped that with a blue v-neck sweater that I received for Christmas.  I’ve accessorized with  silver and turquoise earrings and my everyday silver watch.  My hair and makeup are also done (!!) and I’ve gone with a reddish-brown eye look and a pink matte lip.  What do you hang out in when you are at home or planning on a Target run?


Wear Red

Today I am wearing red to help bring awareness to heart disease– the #1 killer among women.  Now that I am a mom and I have a daughter I find myself paying much more attention to things like this.  I would have dressed Alice in red but she has a limited closet with only two red outfits– both Disney and she wore one yesterday and the other one she will be wearing Saturday when my sister comes to town to meet Alice for the first time.  So I went with the next best thing to red for a little girl and that’s pink!  Plus, there is no shortage of pink in her closet.

I am wearing a red v-neck sweater that I’ve had for a long time.  It’s from New York and Co. and is incredibly soft and comfortable.  I’ve layered it over a nursing top from Old Navy.  It has a black shelf bra and then over that is the black and white striped shirt.  You can’t tell in this picture but it’s ruched on the sides.  It’s quite long and stretchy.  It’s very comfortable but not very flattering to my post-pregnancy body.  I have to admit that I am a little self-conscious.  I’m carrying most of my baby weight around my middle and it looks as if I am in the first trimester of a pregnancy.  In fact, the poor young lady checking me out at the grocery store made the mistake of thinking that I am currently pregnant.  To save her from embarrassment I didn’t bother to correct her.  Anyway.

I have paired my striped top and red sweater with my skinny dark wash maternity jeans.  They don’t fit as well without the bump– they are constantly sliding down and I’m always yanking them up but they are slightly more comfortable than my non-maternity pants are.  I’ve gone with my flat black riding boots, a silver watch, silver and black earrings, minimal eye make-up and a matte red lip to complete the look.

Alice is wearing a fleece sleep sack that is a pink with white polka dots and features a butterfly on the chest.  Underneath, she is wearing a short-sleeved pink onesie with a flowered bow.

What do you think?  This is my first post-pregnancy outfit post.  I’m trying to get back in the swing of things but right now it’s hard to find time to get hair, makeup, and outfit all coordinated on the same day.  Oh, and with the Winter weather and rampant flu we don’t really go anywhere to warrant getting all dolled up.