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One of the things that I try to do is wear my clothing items differently.  That isn’t something that is necessarily intuitive but having this blog helps to challenge me.  Not to mention that having the photographic evidence how I wore a certain dress or blouse or skirt makes it easy to see what I’ve done before and push myself towards something different.

Take this collared polka dot dress, for instance.  Here are several ways that I have styled it in the past:

I’ve done a magenta sweater over the dress and a magenta cardigan worn open.  I’ve done it with a black blazer and black tights, a dark wash denim jacket and black riding boots, and I’ve also worn it without any topper– once by accenting with a skinny magenta belt and once with a purple belt.  I’ve styled it other ways before, too, but this is just a sampling.  This time around I went with a burgundy cardigan, the fabric belt it came with, a long pendant necklace, gold watch, and black ballet flats.

I would have loved to have worn my burgundy peep toe pumps but with being 5.5 months pregnant I’m just not that worried about picking the cutest shoes and sacrificing comfort.  Today was the first day that one of my students dared to ask if I am pregnant.  They don’t know me very well but I am not easily offended.


If this blog was a child it would be starting school this year– most likely kindergarten since it’s juuuuust turning 6.  I haven’t taught during the Summer since 2012 and so the Summer is usually a time off from the blog and dressing professionally.  It seems that I wait, wait, wait for the end of August and then I forget to “celebrate” the birthday of the blog.  But, not this year!  I actually remembered to acknowledge the milestone of the start of another year of blogging.  When I first began this blog I said that I would do it as long as it was fun and enjoyable and I still find it to be a great creative outlet.

Yesterday, was the first day of Fall 2017.  I am teaching 3 sections of Effective Speaking on Monday and Wednesday.  My first two sections are back-to-back in the afternoon and then I have a 4.5 hour break until my last section in the evening.  Luckily the satellite campus that I teach at is only 10 minutes away from the apartment and 5 minutes away from the new house so travel time is not a factor.

Last week I went through my closet and created several outfits for teaching.  They are kind of formulaic– a dress topped with a cardigan or blazer but that’s o.k.  Most of my dresses can work for several weeks with tights or hose and then I’ll have to switch to leggings since they aren’t maternity and they get hiked up in front from the baby belly.  This semester is going to be all about dresses since none of my skirts will work and right now I only have a few pairs of dress pants that I can make work.

Monday I wore this teal sleeveless dress topped with a short-sleeved long brown cardigan.  My brown ballet flats, gold watch, gold earrings, and 3 turquoise beaded bracelets finished off the look.  This cardigan is a hard piece to style.  I’ve had it for several years but never really made good use of it.  However, I found that it was the perfect companion to this dress.  It’s still warm out but the building where I work is air-conditioned and a sleeveless dress isn’t appropriate.  This added the right amount of coverage and warmth.  But, sadly one of the 3 buttons did fall off.  I can sew it back on, no problem, but not at the moment since practically all of my belongings are packed in boxes ready to move.

This is another outfit where it’s hard to tell that I am pregnant.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I’d rather people be aware that I am pregnant than just thinking that I am bloated or gaining weight.  I didn’t address it with my students but I think that maybe in week 2 or 3 once everyone is a tad more comfortable with each other I will wear something that showcases the baby belly and announce that I am pregnant.  I think a good time would be once I’ve learned everyone’s name.  What do you think?

Please leave your comments below and feel free to send me a birthday present for the blog.  I like candy and white cake with whipped cream frosting. 🙂


Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been focusing on duplicating outfits that I’ve seen on Pinterest.  And, while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not really what I want the focus of my blog to be.  There are a few blogs out there that I follow that do make copying other outfits on a budget their focus.  But, that isn’t my focus.  I noticed that with focusing on creating outfits from Pinterest I’m not wearing many of the items in my wardrobe because there isn’t a pin with that sort of item.  So, on Sunday when I was creating outfits for the week I went with a mix—some of my outfits are based on pins and some of them are just created by looking in my closet and pairing items together.  Isn’t that how most people get dressed?  I think so.

Today’s outfit pairs a pair of brown trousers with a lavender sweater.  I didn’t think about taking a photo of the back of this sweater but it has a zipper in the back.  The sweater and pants looked too plain so I added a brown belt, oversized gold watch, gold stud earrings, and a purple bubble necklace.  And, I am wearing my newest pair of shoes!  I recently went to DSW for pointy-toed black pumps that were a medium-low heel, comfy, and a max of $35.  I found several options but none that met all of the criteria.  Instead, I ended up with a pair of brown Oxford style shoes.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Oh, and not to mention that these were 2x’s the amount that I wanted to spend on the black shoes.  But, once I tried them on they were soooo comfortable and a great replacement for these shoes:

I should update you on my shoe collection– I’ve gotten a few new additions and purged some from the collection, too.

Class this evening was good– I enjoy the start of the semester very much.  I find that everyone is in good spirits and still very hopeful, fresh, and new.  It’s when the going starts to get rough that things can get murky!  But, for now I’ll enjoy the positive vibes.