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Wednesday was the same story as Tuesday— I had a long exam in the morning and then class in the afternoon.  It was my M/W student’s exam period so I dressed casual, again.

May 10, 2016 T (m)

Just as in the inspiration photo, I paired a striped shirt with a mustard yellow cardigan.  I wore dark wash jeans and accessorized with a tan belt and the same shoes I wore Tuesday!  I added a layered gold necklace and the same earrings from the day before: small circles with a white and gold chevron print.  Hey, if it isn’t broken. . .

My Wednesday morning students were more excited and in more of a jovial mood on our last day.  I think it has to do with the fact that their class was smaller and their speeches took 2 hours and my Tuesday exam was nearly 3 hours!

My afternoon class also delivered their speeches between Tuesday and Wednesday.  I did need to meet with them on Thursday to do the final wrap-up, though.  I think I mentioned before that Spring Semester 2016 is over.  I do need to post final grades and turn in my attendance records.  I will probably do that over the weekend or on Monday.  It is due by Wednesday of next week.


P.S.  Please check out my latest YouTube video:


Jeans Day

This week is Exam Week!  I had an exam on Tuesday from 9-noon, and then class at 2.  Wednesday I had an exam from 10-noon, and then class at 2.  Today I only have class at 2 and that’s it for Spring 2016.  I have two meetings next week–one is a norming session that our scheduling coordinator leads for the Communication department and the other is a college-wide end of semester wrap-up meeting.

I’ve talked about this before, but for the last speech my students are required to dress professionally.  They deliver their persuasive speech as their exam instead of a written final.  This makes it nice for me because I grade their speeches as they are delivered so my grading is done and I don’t have to stress about grading a bunch of papers and posting their grades on-time.  There are some pro’s and con’s to this method and I’ve been thinking about changing it up for next semester.

Because it is the last day that I see my students and they are all dressed up, I take the opportunity to dress down.  I try not to go too sloppy or casual, but it’s a literal and figurative passing of the baton– the student becomes the master.

On Tuesday, I replicated this pin.  I’ve done this outfit before with skinny jeans and my ballet flats, but it wasn’t for school.  I wore it “off-duty.”  In the original photo, there is a mint sleeveless blouse with a kelly green cardigan and a turquoise statement necklace.  I don’t have a top in that color, so I wore a white long-sleeved t-shirt.  I also went with my turquoise bubble necklace and dark wash jeans.  I opted not to go with skinny jeans since they aren’t as comfortable and arguably too-tight for the workplace.  It wasn’t super warm out on Tuesday so I wore my tan booties.  I put these on my “wear-more” list a while back and I needed a slight heel with my jeans.  I am wearing a tan belt to go with my shoes, but you can’t see it in this picture.  I also went with small white post earrings with a gold chevron.  I thought that it paired well with the white t-shirt in my outfit.  When my husband saw me in my outfit he gave me a confused look and said, “You have class today, right?”  And then I re-iterated my philosophy.

In my afternoon class, one of the other teacher’s complimented my kelly green cardigan.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me beam with happiness.  In fact, when I was creating an outfit I was surprised that I hadn’t worn this cardigan once during the semester!  Especially given the fact that green suits red hair extremely well.

May 10, 2016 T (m)

Even though it was the last day of class and I thought my students would have all been overjoyed and excited, they were not.  They were kind of whiny and really put a damper on my excitement for the end of the semester.  I love speech day— I find it to be very entertaining.  I learn a lot from my students and I see improvement and growth in them each time that they deliver a speech.  But, alas, it is their most hated day!  Oh well.


That’s It?!

Yesterday I used this collage as my outfit inspiration.  While looking back through my gallery I was surprised to learn that I have only worn these burgundy trousers once this semester.  Most of the time, all of my pants get worn two or three times.  That is unless I reach for the grey pants whenever I am stumped for an outfit or in a pinch!

Basically, I am taking from the inspiration several items— red/burgundy trousers, a dressy black top, a black blazer, and pointy-toed pumps.  I liked the way that outfit came out, but I felt that it was a bit dark for a Spring-time outfit.  Also, I like the brighter/more red color of the pants in the photo on the left.  You might notice that I accessorized with black and silver earrings and a silver watch.

Confession time.

I am wearing the top backwards!  Yep.  It has a v-neck in the front and even with a scoop neck camisole underneath I felt that the V was too deep.  In reality it was probably fine, but I never want to be inappropriate.  To solve the issue I turned the shirt around.  It had a totally different vibe with the new neckline– it is almost a high boat neck.  Once I made that alteration I decided to add a silver necklace with black bead accents.

May 3, 2016 T (m)

Because we are in the last week of class (next week is Finals Week), I am wrapping everything up with my students and bringing closure to the content.  Yesterday I needed to collect their end of term papers and lecture on a small amount of content.  That only took twenty minutes of class.  The last order of business on the docket was for my students to complete the course evaluations.  I have to leave the room while they complete them and have a student put them into the envelope, seal it, and drop it off in the “mail box” so that they can be scanned in and sent to me after I submit final grades.  As I was gathering up my personal items and preparing to depart one woman looked at the classmate sitting next to her and said, “That’s it?”

Yep.  That’s it.  Our second day of class this week will be easy and painless, also.  My students are taking a 10 question quiz, discussing a 6 minute speech that they were assigned to read, drawing their numbers for speaking order next week, and getting back their graded papers.

I have two days of class left this week, three days next week and I am technically done.  But, the following week there are two end of the semester (optional) wrap-up meetings that I want to attend.  At this point, I am not scheduled to teach any classes this Summer or Fall.  I can be OK without teaching over the Summer, but I am looking to get something on the schedule for Fall.  I have also been toying with the idea of getting a part-time job over the Summer— bartending/serving or maybe even retail.  We shall see.  If you know of any great opportunities, please share!