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Wednesday was the last official class day of Spring Semester 2017.  It flew right by like I knew it would!  If you’ve followed the blog for a long time then you may be familiar that on one of the last class sessions I like to dress down in jeans and a t-shirt or something similar.  This is just that outfit.  It was a little chilly that day so I paired this wine colored sweater with my dark wash bootcut jeans, a brown belt, brown Oxford shoes, and a silver watch.

I always think that it’s important at the end of the semester for my students to view me as a peer and no longer as their “superior.”  Next Monday is their final exam period.  This is the first time that I am administering a written exam as opposed to making their final speeches their exam.  I’ve tried several different things this semester.  A few of them have worked and some of them haven’t.  But, that’s OK.

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I’m not sure what Kermit the Frog was talking about when he said “it’s not easy being green” because I have found that it’s incredibly easy to wear green.  And, with my blonde hair it’s very flattering.  I have hazel eyes but when I wear green it tends to make them look more green than brown.  And, I can really make them look green when I wear green eye shadow.

Monday I wore a sleeveless kelly green blouse with a three-quarter sleeve gold cardigan.  I’ve paired these two items together last Fall in a casual outfit, here.  But, this time I went with my navy trousers.  I thought about wearing my tan pumps and a tan belt but it felt like I was starting to add too many elements to the mix.  Instead, I chose to keep the bottom half of the outfit monochromatic and streamlined and went with my navy pumps.  I did try to be a little outside of the box and go with gold toned jewelry even though the cardigan is a golden color.

Monday evening my students delivered their first speeches of the semester.  I thought that they add did very well and there were 4 A’s, 4 B’s, and then 6 C’s or lower.  They will be getting their grades back on Wednesday evening so they don’t know how they did yet.

Tuesday I went with an outfit that I had slated for Friday or Saturday because it’s more casual.  I had planned to wear a dress because it was calling for Spring-like temps on Tuesday but then I found out that it was going to be rainy and grey and I went the more casual route.

This shade of green is more of a drab or an olive green.  This has fast become one of my top three favorite colors– right behind red and purple!  At first I wasn’t sure about this top and how it mixes the lace shoulders with the casual nature of a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket.  But, it’s grown on me.  I even received two compliments– one on the outfit in general and one specifically on the color of the shirt.  I was feeling good!  I hadn’t worn my distressed jeans in a while and I felt like with the warmer temps it was a good day to pull them out.

So, there are two different “green” outfits for you in case you need some inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day next month.


Wednesday was the same story as Tuesday— I had a long exam in the morning and then class in the afternoon.  It was my M/W student’s exam period so I dressed casual, again.

May 10, 2016 T (m)

Just as in the inspiration photo, I paired a striped shirt with a mustard yellow cardigan.  I wore dark wash jeans and accessorized with a tan belt and the same shoes I wore Tuesday!  I added a layered gold necklace and the same earrings from the day before: small circles with a white and gold chevron print.  Hey, if it isn’t broken. . .

My Wednesday morning students were more excited and in more of a jovial mood on our last day.  I think it has to do with the fact that their class was smaller and their speeches took 2 hours and my Tuesday exam was nearly 3 hours!

My afternoon class also delivered their speeches between Tuesday and Wednesday.  I did need to meet with them on Thursday to do the final wrap-up, though.  I think I mentioned before that Spring Semester 2016 is over.  I do need to post final grades and turn in my attendance records.  I will probably do that over the weekend or on Monday.  It is due by Wednesday of next week.


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