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You might have noticed that I’ve been a little remiss in updating my fireplace mantle.  I usually change it every few months to coincide with the season or the holidays.  But, my Spring/Easter decor has been up since the middle of April.  What’s even worse is that I grabbed the red, white, and blue decorations out of the storage tub when I got out the Easter decorations so that it would be easy to change out for Memorial Day in May.  But, that didn’t exactly happen.  I don’t have any Summer themed decorations so I generally shift to patriotic for the Summer months since it can cover Memorial Day in May, 4th of July, and stretch all the way to Labor Day in September.

Well, I finally got around to switching it over this past Wednesday.  And, I must have really been feeling the red, white, and blue vibe because it snuck into my outfit, too.

I started with these ankle length khaki pants.  They were lightweight enough to wear while running errands in the 90 degree weather.  I added this tunic length navy blouse with white polka dots.  Then, I added my gold watch, gold stud earrings, and strappy sandals.  I would have worn red ballet flats but I just finished painting my toenails and I didn’t want to smudge them.  Lastly, I went with simple eye makeup and a bold red lip.

Happy Flag Day!


New Uniform

I wore this outfit on Friday which is super similar in formula to the outfit that I posted about on Wednesday.  A pair of jeans+ a sleeveless blouse + cardigan + ballet flats= dressed and out the door!  It’s been in the mid to high 70’s where I live but in the early morning when I leave for work it’s only around the mid-50’s.  With this type of outfit I don’t need to wear a jacket and I’m comfortable all day long.

The last time that I wore this leopard print tank top I paired it with a black leather jacket and silver accessories.  This time I wanted to accentuate the brown and gold tones so I went with my brown grandpa cardigan, an oversized gold watch, and dark brown ballet flats.

I have realized that I need to amp up my warm weather shoe game, though.  I know most people who know me IRL are probably rolling their eyes and thinking, what?!  But, it’s true.  I have several pairs of ballet flats (black, brown, leopard print, red, purple, and gold) but that’s pretty much it.  I do have my black espadrille sandals that are good but I don’t always want a wedge heel.  I have a pair of black Grecian style sandals but they have seen better days!  I also have a pair of sandals with different metallic colored straps but they aren’t super comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  So, I’ll be on the look out for some new Summer shoes for work.  Any suggestions?


August 4, 2016 Th (m)

Last Thursday I went shopping for jeans.  But, to no avail.  The dress code at my new job is casual and jeans are permitted.  I do not know the specifics beyond that.  I am going to dress more on the dressy casual side for the first few days until I can learn more about the policies and observe my co-workers.  But, I haven’t had a job where I was able to wear jeans in over 5 years.  Thus, my denim collection is somewhat lacking.

I went casual and easy with my look since I knew that I would be in the dressing room.  I paired these relaxed rusty colored shorts with a navy scoop neck shirt.  I layered a navy tank top underneath for modesty.  Lastly, I slipped on my silver flip flops and was basically out the door.

I have two pairs of skinny jeans— a dark wash pair from Old Navy and a medium wash pair from Target.  But, neither of them fit me very comfortably currently.  I would like to buy a pair that fits me well.  I have two pairs of boot cut jeans from JC Penney that fit well— a dark wash and a medium wash.  But, they both require a shoe with a heel.  I wouldn’t mind adding one of those pairs and having them hemmed to wear with flats.  I have a pair of light washed distressed skinny boyfriend jeans from Old Navy.  They are almost too loose and baggy and I’m not sure if I will be permitted to wear distressed jeans.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I’m going to hold off on wearing them until I find out!  Lastly, I have two or three pairs of darker wash jeans that are remnants from my bartending days.  They are hemmed to wear with flats, but they aren’t in the best of condition, so I really consider them to be back-up or in case of emergency pants.  They are the kind of pants that I reach for when I’m going to a bonfire or painting.

I went to all 3 of the aforementioned stores: JC Penney, Target, and Old Navy.  I was hoping that they would have back-to-school sales on denim.  They did, but only a bit.  The jeans at JCP were $30 and I couldn’t find the exact ones that I wanted.  The jeans at Target were not all on sale and I passed on them, too.  Old Navy had the most fits and styles on sale but I just couldn’t find the right fit.  Jean shopping is hard and it’s not very fun when it is sunny, hot, and humid outside.  I know that the stores are air-conditioned, but it just isn’t comfortable pulling on tight and long pants.

I did not find any jeans on that trip, but I will keep looking.  In a way, I know exactly what I want I just have to find it. . .  and be willing to pay for it.  Ideally, I’d like to find the jeans I want for about $20.  Maybe I’m being too cheap?!?  I blame my mother for that trait.  How is back to school shopping going for you?