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Thankful for Family

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This week has been a short work week with Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I was off my normal Wednesday which was great for getting things ready for the holiday.  I had the pleasure of hosting my first Thanksgiving for my parents, my husband’s parents and sister, and my grandma.  There were 8 of us in total.

Here are some pictures of the table, appetizers and munchies, and of course the turkey!  I used Alton Brown’s method and brined it the night before cooking it.  It turned out very well–beautiful browned skin, great flavor, and juicy and moist meat.

My husband asked me what I thought he should wear and I had already decided on my outfit (duh!) so I picked out something that would complement mine.  He didn’t realize it at first but he should have known better.  We took this photo before everyone arrived to eat and it may very well become our Christmas card photo.  I also made sure to get a photo of all 8 of us before everyone fell asleep or left for the day.

Thanksgiving 2016 (9)

My husband and I both had to work on Friday after the holiday and I wore the very same outfit to work.  When my husband got out of the shower and saw my outfit he said, “Repeat!!”  I just laughed.

My outfit for Friday was my recreation of this pin, here.  I think I nailed it: plaid collared shirt, white cable knit sweater, distressed jeans, and tan booties.

Now that we have celebrated and enjoyed Thanksgiving I am in full-on Christmas mode.  I have been chomping at the bit to get my totes out of storage and see what I have for this year’s theme (blue and silver) and what I need to complete my Winter Wonderland.  I was also thinking about printing out my pictures for my Christmas cards and get a start on addressing those.  It usually takes me a few days to get them all done and get the addresses from a few family members that may have moved or I neglected to write down.

What about you?  Do you celebrate Christmas?  When do you start decorating?  Sound off in the comments below.


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