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Thanksgiving Outfit Idea’s

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and many of you will be traveling to family or friend’s to enjoy time spent together and food. Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is mostly about the food. I don’t care if you have turkey, ham, or tofu. Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, or apple pie. It is a day where almost everyone unabashedly overeats. So, some strategic planning with the outfit is needed.

First, one cannot wear anything that may be too restrictive. After all, you don’t want to burst the seams on any of your clothes.
Second, in most situations you will need to wear something a bit more formal than your pajamas. (I know, I know.)

Here are a few idea’s for some casual outfits that fit the bill:

L to R, Row 1
1. Jeans that offer some stretch, a t-shirt worn untucked to allow for belly expansion. A scarf to add some interest to the outfit and catch any food spills. Lastly, a cardigan and boots for warmth. (Bonus, once buttoned a slouchy boyfriend cardigan can conceal that extra piece of pie while it digests!)

2. A blouse with an empire waist allows for some emphasis on your shape while not being too restrictive. Plus, if it’s long enough it can cover the top of your jeans if you need to unbutton them for a bit.

3. A blousy shirt and dark wash jeans can help to conceal almost anything. Add a cardigan in a bright color to keep the look from being too boring.

L to R, Row 2
4. Loose flowing blouse with an interesting print can take the focus off of how much turkey and gravy you have on your plate. Plus, skinny jeans give the overall illusion if slimness. (I would wear more weather appropriate shoes, though. It’s cold where I live.)

5. Statement necklaces pull the focus to your face and off of your belly!

6. Soft and stretchy jersey knit tank tops or t-shirts can be your best friend. The small ruffle detail near the neckline doesn’t hurt, either. Oh, and fun shoes can be a great conversation starter.

L to R, Row 3
7. Again, follow the formula: soft and drapey blouse, cardigan for some structure and warmth, dark jeans with a bit of stretch, and fun shoes to help keep you feeling festive.

8. A silky long-sleeved button up shirt can be worn tucked in at the start of the day, and untucked later if necessary. A pop of color with the necklace and ballet flats complete the simple look.

9. Layers can be your friend! You can blame any extra bulk on the layers necessary for warmth! A close-fitting button-up underneath of a slouchy, soft sweater make for an excellent pair. Top it with a puffy vest and you have a scapegoat for extra girth!

L to R, Row 4
10. Same idea as number 9, but without the sweater and a darker, stretchier pair of denim leggings.

11. A whimsical cropped sweatshirt layered over a cami for extra-length to conceal unbuttoned jeans is both fun and practical. Pair with any jeans, tennis shoes, ballet flats, boots, or slippers.

12. Roomy distressed boyfriend jeans may make unbuttoning your jeans unnecessary. A loose navy gingham button-up worn untucked under a thin v-neck sweater give maximum comfort. Add fun ballet flats to complete the outfit.

Row 5
13. A little dressy, but a black lacey t-shirt, black three-quarter sleeve cardigan, black pants, and pointy-toed heels can be very slimming! A bright lip ans sparkly jewelry can keep the look from becoming too morbid.

Are you attending a holiday get together that requires a bit more dressy attire? Here are some clever outfit idea’s for you:

Row 1
Yes, a dress! A dress that doesn’t fit close to the body is excellent for disguising how many rolls you had at dinner! Add a cardigan for a bit of structure and warmth and whatever accessories you desire. You can go with heels, flats or boots—-whatever your preference and climate calls for.

Row 2
Add a jacket or blazer for a bit more structure to a dress outfit. And, just as above– go wild with the accessories: animal print scarves, big earrings, and statement necklaces.

Row 3
A maxi dress in a soft and stretchy cotton may be another great way to do a dress. Dress it up a bit with a cardigan or jacket. The best part is that you can wear whatever you want underneath! Leggings, tights, or nothing.

Row 4
If dresses aren’t your thing, think dressy with materials. A silky blouse may be just the thing. Stay away from items that are too form fitting in lieu of ones that float away from the body. But, to keep from looking to rectangular, add a bit of curves with a jacket or cardigan. Bonus points if you wear your blouse untucked an/or it’s long enough to disguise that undone button on your pants.

Row 5
A sparkly scoopneck tank top will hug the curves you want and have enough structure and weight to hold it’s shape at the bottom hem. Plus, the glittery reflectiveness is sure to boggle the mind of anyone trying to see if your waistline grew during dinner.

Regardless of what you wear, don’t forget that the emphasis of the day is what you have to be thankful for. Don’t be bashful when someone asks at the dinner table what you’re most thankful for– now (and everyday) is a perfect time to make sure the ones you love the most know it.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for always reading and commenting.

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