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When we aren’t good at something, don’t like it, or afraid of it we avoid it.  This is something that I talk about regularly with my students in regards to Public Speaking.  No one really likes it and so we try to find ways around it and that is one of the reasons why we aren’t very good at it.  Well, I know that I haven’t been doing well with the goals that I have set the last two months and so I have avoided doing my update posts or really looking at my goals.  But, it is time.

First, let’s look at the list that I set for myself in January of 2015:

Health/Well Being

  • Lose 7 lbs. by 3/9/2015 (9 weeks) by following the South Beach Diet
  • workout (3x’s per week–cardio and weights)
  • Be more active
  • Brush and floss more often


  • Continue with debt reduction plan: eliminate credit card debt by 5/2015
  • Continue to pay on student loans
  • Retirement planning/savings


  • Travel more/ Go skydiving
  • Blog– continue to improve– update theme, better back-end organization, ad revenue (equal or exceed ad revenue earnings for 2014)
  • Read 12 books
  • Improve sewing skills (attend a class at Jo Ann Fabric (?), make 3 useable/wearable items)
  • Continue to improve my Youtube channel and post more frequently– a minimum of 2 video’s per month, ideally 3-4

These goals changed throughout the year as I made some of the goals, updated some, and shifted focus towards others.  Here is the last list of goals that I made for November 2015:

November 2015 Goals


  • Drink more water/less coffee
  • Maintain weight within 3 lbs.
  • Be more active.
  • Floss and brush nightly.
  • Skin care routine


  • Don’t carry a balance on cc’s
  • pay more than minimum on loans


  • blog 3x’s per week
  • read a book
  • post video to YouTube Channel

As you can see, the categories stay the same and many of the goals do, also.  But, I do take some out and change some along the way.

I might have done a good job back in January of working out, being active, and losing weight but I have not done a good job with that lately.  In fact, I am back up to my heaviest weight and feeling bad about it.  Oh, and eating lots of yummy food that isn’t good for my waistline.  I’ll be doing the same thing that everyone else is in January– watching what I eat and working out.  Also, I think my husband and I are going to take the Water Week Challenge.  Basically, you don’t drink anything but water and you limit your other sugar intake.  The only problem that I foresee is that I don’t know if I can function without coffee. . . .  and I take my coffee with cream and sugar.  By making flossing and brushing at night before bed more of a priority I have done it more than I might have otherwise, but I am still not at 100%.  From January-November, I brushed 263 nights out of 334. That’s a 79% or a C.  I would like to be more around a 90% for the year.  I think that adding in the month of December will raise my percent, but not by that much.  My skin care routine has also gone all over the place.  Sometimes I am really good about it, other times not so much!  I want to be more consistent.

Finance goals don’t change too much during the course of the year– it’s pretty much work on paying off student loans, not carrying a balance on credit cards, and retirement/nest egg savings.  This year I have reduced my total debt owed by a little over $3,000.  On one hand it seems like so little, but then on the other hand it seems like so much.  I still owe roughly $30,000 which is no fun, but I’m working on it.  Currently, I have stuff on both of my credit cards– hair cut/dye job on one and car heater repair bill on the other, but I will be paying both of those off entirely next month and avoiding any interest.  Lastly, I have 10% of my paycheck automatically deposited into my savings account to help me build up my nest egg and since I am a teacher I pay into the state teaches retirement system.

In the misc. category, I did travel some– to Las Vegas in March where I got married and to Montego Bay, Jamaica in August for our honeymoon.  However, I did not go skydiving.  Sadly, I don’t think that I have made many, if any, improvements to the blog.  It’s an issue of time and knowledge/skill.  It’s probably the sort of thing that I need to hire someone to do.  Along those same lines, I have let my YouTube channel whither away the past few months.  I just got so busy with school and everything that I did not meet my goals of posting even one video per month.  That makes me sad.  Also, I did not get out my sewing machine at all this year.  That also makes me sad.  I had high hopes of creating a lot more projects, but I did not.  Lastly, I have almost missed my reading goal.  I’ve read 11 novels and my goal is 12 books.  If I count each of the new textbooks that I had to read to teach the classes as half a book, I’ve met my goal.

I don’t know what happened but in the last two months I feel like all of my time has been evaporating.  I know that I do a lot with school and now that I am married I have taken over most of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry, but geez– I don’t seem to be getting much accomplished!

How have your goals/resolutions turned out for the year of 2015?  I didn’t do terribly, but I didn’t meet all of my goals.  The next few weeks will be spent thinking on the goals and resolutions for 2016.


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