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Hello, February!  Today is as good as any to stop and take time to reflect on the first month of the new year.  Also, I want to give a progress report on my New Year Resolution’s—-both for you and for me.  It helps to keep me accountable when I look back at the list and see whether or not I made progress in the right direction.  To be reminded of the list of goals, just click the link above (it will open in a new window.)

Starting with the Finances/Work category, I have continued with my debt reduction plan.  I am making monthly payments that exceed the minimum amount to have my credit card paid off by 5/2015.  I am also diligently paying on my student loans and making sure that I am paying as much over the payment, on-time, as possible.  Basically, any overage in my income go towards this debt.  Slowly, but surely it is decreasing.  I just wish it would go a little faster!  The last goal in this category is partially done!  I signed up for 401(k) through my bartending job.  It was so easy I am regretting not doing it sooner.  I still need to check into the state of things through my teaching job.  I think that they automatically set money aside for me, but I’m not sure about how the whole thing works.  And, I’m working on the savings part.  I’ve been wanting to open a savings account but every time I think about doing it the weather is bad and I’ve got a million other things on my plate.  I’m still saving money, though!  I’m pretty happy with my work in this category.

The next category, Misc., doesn’t have as much to praise.  I have not done any traveling or gone skydiving.  But, I have a trip planned for Spring.  The flight and hotel are booked, so I think that this time it is going to happen!  I had taken down the ads on this blog and then gave them a refresh and put them back up.  I would like to continue to improve my blog, though.  I know that it loads rather slowly!  I did read a book in January that I posted about in my Book Reports page.  Now that it is a new month, I need to start a new book and find some time to read.  I was thinking about picking back up with the Roosevelt book.  I’m sad to say that I haven’t sewn anything this year.  I need to also try to find time to work on sewing projects and it is difficult.  I am still trying to adjust to my teaching schedule and figure out when I can take care of all the things to be done.  Lastly, my You Tube page.  I posted 3 videos for the month of January: 1 Love it, Like it, or Loser?, a date night look tutorial, and a Get Ready with Me: Bedtime.  But, I’m not getting as many views as I would like, so I think that I need to keep improving.

The last category is Health/Well-Being.  My BF and I did Phase 1 of the SBD Jan.5-Jan. 18.  Then, we transitioned into Phase 2.  But, I think that both of us got a bit too loose with Phase 2.  Not so much the meals, but the snacks and treats.  My BF had a stressful week at work and I love candy!  I had lost 4 lbs, but the past week I have been up one, down one, so I am not sure exactly where I am.  The first week I worked out twice that week and felt o.k., even though I didn’t get my 3 in.  The next week, I caught the flu and didn’t manage to get in any workouts because I was trying to recuperate.  This last week, I got in 2 workouts.  I wanted to get the 3rd in, but it just didn’t happen.  I am working on being more active with the help of my new FitBit.  I’m having so much fun tracking all of my metrics right now and I really think that it is going to help me step up my activity levels!  Some days are through the roof with over 15,000 steps and then other days are way down low with barely 5,000.  That’s just how my schedule works right now.  Lastly, I have been winning in a big way with the brushing and flossing.  Well, with the brushing!  Every day of January, I brushed my teeth before bed.  That is a huge accomplishment because once I am tired, I just want to crawl into bed.  It’s getting easier the more that I do it and I am going to keep going with it.

I think for the first month, I’ve done a nice job on my goals.  I can see clearly where I need to put more emphasis and where I have rocked it!  The other thing that I wanted to talk about was Time in regards to my relationship with my BF.  We just celebrated our 8 year anniversary of dating with a fancy dinner at a local steakhouse.  I asked for, and received, my FitBit from him.  He didn’t ask for anything so I bought him some plants he wanted for his office and treated us to massages on Sunday.

Below, I leave you with some pictures from past anniversaries.  I cannot seem to locate any photographic evidence of celebrations for years 1,2, and 5.  I think that for year 5 we went to a nice wine and steak place, but I can’t find our photo!  Enjoy this walk down memory lane.

From L to R, top: 2010 #3, 2011 #4, 2013 #6

From L to R, bottom: 2014 #7, 2015 #8


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  1. MLF

    How are we to interpret BF’s facial expressions, lol!??

    Congratulations on brushing your teeth.

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