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Twelve Day Streak

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Tuesday’s are loooooong days for me.  But, on the upside I never have to worry about not meeting my step goal!  I have made that a HUGE priority over the past two weeks.  And, I am doing it!  Right now I am on a 12-day streak of hitting my goal.  My husband and I have been more active since the weather has been quite conducive to walks around the neighborhood, visits to the park, and outdoor shopping spaces.

Yesterday I had one outfit in mind but then decided to go in a totally different direction and I am glad that I did because I absolutely loved the end result!

April 21, 2015 T (m)

I knew that I wanted to wear skirts and dresses all this week to help balance out the ratio of skirts/dresses/pants.  But, I attended a training session on Monday afternoon so I didn’t spend my normal time creating outfits for the week.  It is crazy to me how quickly this outfit came together.

I started with the magenta dress since I’ve only worn it once this semester and I was wearing it as a “skirt” more than a dress.  Then, in an attempt to style it differently than I have in the past I pulled out this grey blazer from my closet.  I just recently purchased this silver skinny belt and that was the next item out of the closet.  Lastly, I added this silk scarf that I’ve had on my dresser for quite some time.  I had an Easter outfit in mind with it, but it never came to fruition.  Plus, it was an easy way to add more coverage and not be too revealing at the neckline.  The silver shoes were sort of a gimme, as was the new grey and diamond flower earrings that I recently bought.

Here are some other ways that I have worn this dress in the past:

Which is your favorite?


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