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Two Days Away

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This week I had to go out-of-town for a few days for work.  It sounds glamorous,  but it’s really not.  I traveled to Buffalo, NY to represent my bar in a flair competition.  Since I was driving, there was no other limitations to what I could haul with me than what I could fit into my car!  Obviously, if I would have flown somewhere, I would have had to pack differently.  Not majorly different, but many of the things that I carried with me would have to have been in a checked bag.

Speaking of bags, I took one suitcase when zippered down will fit within most airline carry-on dimensions.  However, if I pack the main compartment full, the outside zipper pockets, and unzip it to allow for about 2 inches of more height, it will not fit!  In addition to that bag, I also carried my purse with me.  It’s very similar to this one.  Lastly, I had a plastic shopping bag that I put my dirty work shoes in and kept separate from everything else.

This is the outfit that I wore in the car during the drive there:

Driving Outfit

I went with medium colored denim jeans because my work outfit requires me to wear dark denim jeans.  I took two complete uniforms with me, just in case.  For that reason, I wanted a contrasting pair of denim.  I went with a casual v-neck t-shirt and my tennis shoes.  I knew that I had planned to work out, and this eliminated the need for me to pack my work shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, and another pair of everyday shoes.  I tried to be space conscious, as much as possible.

Here are the clothes that I packed for a two-ish day trip.  (I left Tuesday afternoon and drove 4 hours to the hotel.  Check-out was at noon on Thursday and I drove all afternoon back home to Ohio.)

The top left is my pajamas/workout gear (t-shirt, capri pants, and sports bra) and my pool gear ( one-piece swim suit, towel, and flip-flops.)  I did work out and use the pool/hot tub during my stay, so I am glad that I planned ahead and brought these items.  The top right is the outfit that I planned to wear after the competition.  I knew that my friends and co-workers would want to go out and have a few drinks, so I picked something that would pair well with my uniform work jeans.  And, just in case it was chilly or the air conditioning was turned way up, an oatmeal colored cardigan.  I had originally grabbed a black one, but then swapped it out so that the cardigan could work with other items I packed.

The bottom left was the outfit that I had planned to wear on Thursday and for the ride home.  Depending on how warm it was, I had both denim shorts and jeans.  Also, I had the cardigan that I could throw over top the t-shirt for another layer, if need be.  The bottom right is a 3/4 sleeved sweatshirt that I threw in on a whim and figured that I could wear with jean shorts or pants.  All in all, I did a good job of packing for the trip and taking an appropriate amount of clothes, as well as the right clothes for the weather.  I was cold most of the time and the extra layering items that I brought were really put to use.  I didn’t wear the leopard print shirt, though because I didn’t go out after the competition.

Now, for the fun stuff!  I tried to exercise some constraint, but I also didn’t want to not take something just for the sake of looking like I am a light packer—because I’m not!  I did try to think of what makeup and hair looks I was actually going to try and achieve.  I knew that for Wednesday night, I was going to wear my hair pulled back and do my makeup in m “everyday style”— a Marilyn Monroe-esque look with nude lids, black gel liner, pinky blush, and either red, hot pink, or muted pink lips.  I also knew that since I would be getting up super early for testing Wednesday morning, that I would go with minimal makeup– base, bit on the eyes, swipe of blush, and some lip balm.  That just left me Tuesday evening and Thursday morning to account for.  My other go-to look is purple eyes, peachy cheeks, and nude or peach lips.  I basically packed everything to achieve these two looks and then some additional products that could be used to get me some other looks. The top left (below) is all the makeup and brushes that I took with me.

For hair, I wanted to avoid taking my hot rollers and straightening iron, but I couldn’t.  After I wash and dry my hair, even though I am pulling it back into a high pony, I still like the volume and finished look that setting it in rollers gives to me.  And, it helps to style my bangs.  But, if I am wearing my hair down, I like to run a flat iron through it to make it look sleek and shiny.  The top right are the hair styling tools that I carted along with me.

In addition to hair and makeup, I also needed to take all of my beauty products: eye makeup remover wipes, face lotion, eye cream, face wash, cotton swabs and cotton balls,tweezers, and miscellaneous hair paraphenelia. The bottom right includes all of those items. Last, but not least are shower essentials.  I knew that they hotel would have mini sizes of shampoo and conditioner, but I need a lot of conditioner and only certain kinds work with my hair, so I took my own conditioner. This also includes my body spray, deodorant, razor and shaving cream, toothbrush/toothpaste, body lotion, and leave-in hair conditioner.

All of these items were packed into the following bags:

Bags and Such

All of the makeup went into the flowered bag in the bottom left corner.  The makeup brushes and bag of hair ties went into the hot pink bag in the bottom right.  The hair styling tools and beauty products are in the clear zipper bag in the left center.  There was another ziptop bag that I used for my body wash and lotion.  The makeup and brushes went into my purse and the other two bags, hot rollers, and hair tools went into the suitcase with my clothes.

There you have it!  I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.  I hope to be back to a more regular schedule and outfit posts soon.


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