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Versatile Stripes

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Last Thursday I might have dressed up with a maxi dress and sandals but I followed that up with a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt on Friday.  Variety!  I’ve only purchased a handful of maternity clothes so I try to rotate them in to what I can still make work from my existing wardrobe.  It’s not always the easiest, but so far I am making do.

This striped maternity shirt is super comfortable and accommodating.  In fact, there’s quite a bit of room for my belly to grow.  If I could wear this shirt everyday I probably would.  These are non-maternity jeans and surprisingly I am wearing them zipped and buttoned!  It’s always sort of a crap shoot when I put on a pair of pants if they are going to work, or not.  My darker wash bootcut jeans have two buttons and the time before last when I wore them I was able to get away with unbuttoning the top button.  The last time that I wore them?  I wasn’t able to button either button.  So, I zipped them up and then folded the waistband over so they wouldn’t fall off and wore a long shirt.  LOL.

The last time that I wore this striped top it was 4th of July and I accented it with a red tanktop underneath, dark skinny jeans, and red ballet flats.

I’ve done lots of outfits with a blue and white striped shirt in the last 3 years so I may be re-creating some of these with this top:

See how versatile a striped shirt can be?  As you can see, I’ve worn it casually (top row) with different bottoms, layered under a cardigan both dressy and casual (row 2), with a blazer (row 3) and under a dress and with a green cardigan (last row.)


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